Quick and Fast :: Microwaved :: Tomato/Minestrone Thyme Soup, with a Corn Dog, Bread&Butter Pickle Chips, and a dollop of Ketchup, Yellow Mustard, and Sriracha

tomato soup + some of the solids from a can of minestronethyme, microwaved.

frozen corn dog, microwaved, sided with a dipping sauce of ketchup + mustard + sriracha.  and bread&butter pickle chips

i find, as i prep and begin the understand the meal i want, i make things hotter than i would eat - due to the prep work - and yes, i had to re-nuke the dog for 10 seconds :P 

oh.. and the minestrone was stored as 'mostly liquid' and 'mostly solid' .. which just happened to be how gravity works, but it gave me pleasure, knowing how to future re-provision :)


Pressure Cooker :: Cajun Fusion Pork Tenderloin, with Creole, Kosher Salt, Olive Juice, Olive Oil, and Cracked Black Pepper, and Apricot Teriyaki Dipping Sauce, Plus Side Salad

Pressure Cooker :: Cajun Fusion Pork Tenderloin, with Creole, Kosher Salt, Olive Juice, Olive Oil, and Cracked Black Pepper, and Apricot Teriyaki Dipping Sauce, Plus Side Salad

it starts with, a tenderloin.

salted with kosher salt, and peppered with creole seasoning.

turned slightly on its side, seasoned top to bottom.

drizzled with olive oil, and a crackling of cracked black pepper

12min HP NPR

while that happens... ponder your dad's thoughts on cooking :: <paraphrased>

"the spices on top will combine with the fats as they're released from the meat.  the oil will help bring those fats out - oh.. and handle the meat like a butcher, but with love.  pat it, arrange it, DROP it into the pot -"

"the more perfect your motions, the less you have to touch, and this will produce efficiency, as well as bring joy to your cooking"

then, I clean off the full pan with a scraper and brush and throw it in the pre-heating broiler.. while the NPR is happening --

broil 3min, then drizzle with olive oil, and let rest 10 minutes 

cut into medallion slices with a serrated blade, plate - while you tear off some romaine (yes, I know it'll bruise), with chunky bleu cheese and cheesy croutons

sided with a dipping apricot teriyaki dipping sauce.

OH.. and a chef's 2nd helping -- this time with shredded cheddar... and YES.. bleu cheese does /go/ with a dab of teriyaki.  I tested it.

and yes.. the current state of my kitchen, is. . .

nom. -- nomura rango ko


Microwave Popcorn :: in a Bag, with Canola Oil, and JilliPepper. Finished with Butter, White Cheddar Powder, and Salt

start with. . . a brown paper lunch bag.. dry kernels, and just enough canola oil to be able to touch the corn

add in . . . jillipepper .. my favorite all-purpose spice

hit the popcorn button.  mine is 2m20s, which worked out well

shake the bag.  add in small bits of butter.  shake it again. add a little white cheddar powder, then shake some more.. and then add a bunch more white cheddar powder, and shake shake shake.

serve it into bowl(s) and dash a bit of iodized salt on the top ..  

then share and enjoy -- and yes, I prepared, photog'd, and consumed the popcorn, in the same time as finishing this blog post :P

Microwave ReHeat :: Seasoned Canned Chicken, with added Ranch, Parmesan, American Cheese, and Sriracha, in a Wheat Tortilla with Frills

leftovers from the fridge. . . canned chicken with  [ mayo, onion flakes, and jillipepper ]

enter, organic wheat tortilla . . . with added american cheese, ranch, parmesan, and sriracha, plus dried onion rings

now, on the way to the microwave, you might pick up some lettuce, pepper, or tomato from the counter.. and.. you might snomp a coupla cookies

and when the microwave dings 30s, you may be impatient to wait for it to cool, so it can be plated -- so freezer 1min.  eat more cookies.

add a side of ranch with cracked black pepper and top the diagonally sliced tortilla with jillipepper.. and... share some of those cookies.