Food Proofer

food you’ll want to eat, daily.

Microwave ReHeat :: Seasoned Canned Chicken, with added Ranch, Parmesan, American Cheese, and Sriracha, in a Wheat Tortilla with Frills

leftovers from the fridge. . . canned chicken with  [ mayo, onion flakes, and jillipepper ]

enter, organic wheat tortilla . . . with added american cheese, ranch, parmesan, and sriracha, plus dried onion rings

now, on the way to the microwave, you might pick up some lettuce, pepper, or tomato from the counter.. and.. you might snomp a coupla cookies

and when the microwave dings 30s, you may be impatient to wait for it to cool, so it can be plated -- so freezer 1min.  eat more cookies.

add a side of ranch with cracked black pepper and top the diagonally sliced tortilla with jillipepper.. and... share some of those cookies.

Microwave ReHeat :: Ziti Pasta with American Cheese, Butter, Milk Jilli Pepper, topped with :: Cubed Tomato, and Cracked Black Pepper

microwave prep with cooked Ziti from the fridge, with torn up american cheese, a pat of butter, a splash of milk, and jillipepper

about 20-30sec -- I had added too much milk.. sooooo... I added another slice of cheese, and.. yep. that works.

found this leftover part of a tomato, so, after stirring up the pasta, sided the bowl with this

topped with cracked black pepper, and a bit of iodized salt - and -


Timing is Everything :: a bachelors guide to your personal eatery

Your gut, is a brain.  its a slow, but VERY ACCURATE brain.  It needs time to think, and it needs you to feed it.

It all starts with an idea.. what should I shop for?

You may, often, find, that impulse buy.. a new fruit.. a juice, or a long-time memory favorite.. WILL BE, the very thing you scoff down, as soon as delivery arrives.

Here, we begin with a food experiment.  It starts.. with a Yogurt.

That gives us time to put the quiche, in the oven for 24 minutes, and perhaps.. have some fruit

and.. after a time, perhaps a dry cracker

now while, you're processing that, and perhaps doing a bit of work, you may wander into the kitchen several minutes before its done.  the KEY to remember, is HOW LONG.. and did you wander in because you were hungry[?], or just nervous that the electrics had gone out.

you may find a bit of leftover tomato, on the counter, that you can salt and nibble

so.. the quiche has ding'd, and its setting up, to cool

you may start cleaning your tools and utensils, and pour yourself a glass of milk, to optimize the time, and time dispensed layout of your eatery :)

now, I plan on having an apple turnover, so I leveraged the already hot oven, and bumped it to 475

and after 1/2 my quiche, I was full and packaged it up.. also aborted the turnover idea, shut down the oven, and . . . got myself a drpepper

its good to wait until your hungry, when you know you can always eat along the way. . . and in just the time it took, to write this post

the end.

(and perhaps, a nap ;)


Pan Seared, Oven Roasted, Pan Finished German Sausage

so. . . this german sausage has, an intestiny.. that's like a gut-feel for destiny.  yes. I'm going to eat it.

I quickly seared it, high temp., in a pan - then.. threw it in the oven! 375F for about 30 minutes.

now... at this point, you should temp it with a meter.. but my manual meter seems broken.. and the batteries are out on the other one .. so..

I decided to finish it on the stovetop, at med-high heat, turning the underside, up, to even out the browning, while also scraping and deglazing the quarter pan with a bit of water, dripped over every so often, to keep your sausage moist.

when it smells about right.. should only be like 3-5min left.. leave in-pan, if you have a gas stove.. and let it rest 5minutes.

cut into it, with confidence, that you are about to enjoy some quality protein -- plate and serve.. with a cold beer... or a jug of wine.

das Ende.