Food Proofer

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Microwave Popcorn :: in a Bag, with Canola Oil, and JilliPepper. Finished with Butter, White Cheddar Powder, and Salt

start with. . . a brown paper lunch bag.. dry kernels, and just enough canola oil to be able to touch the corn

add in . . . jillipepper .. my favorite all-purpose spice

hit the popcorn button.  mine is 2m20s, which worked out well

shake the bag.  add in small bits of butter.  shake it again. add a little white cheddar powder, then shake some more.. and then add a bunch more white cheddar powder, and shake shake shake.

serve it into bowl(s) and dash a bit of iodized salt on the top ..  

then share and enjoy -- and yes, I prepared, photog'd, and consumed the popcorn, in the same time as finishing this blog post :P