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Microwave ZITI Pasta, with Dill and Powdered Ranch Dressing, Olive Oil, Salted + a Revival of Stale Sourdough Baguette

It starts with an electric kettle. . .

ziti loaded into a microwave-safe container, wth iodized salt, and olive oil + dill + ranch dressing powder <next slide>

just enough water to cover the pasta, 8min microwave HIGH.

meanwhile some chocolate bark thins with sea salt... these are bomb.

all the while, prepping.. I cut this crusty piece of sourdough, lengthwise and toasted it... oh it has butter and a delightful amount of granulated garlic.

drain your pasta with sieve, do not wash.. the dill and olive oil should stick to the pasta.

toss with additional ranch dressing, and top with a sprinkle or two.

--share and enjoy --c3w