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tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1381160 2019-03-04T09:53:23Z 2019-03-04T09:53:25Z Pressure Cooker :: Basmati Rice with Pasilla Pepper Curry

the pasilla pepper garnish was putting out a distinct curry sense from the fridge, after a few days - SO - Basmati Rice!

12min LPR NPR; then add some butter+salt

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1379617 2019-02-28T13:18:15Z 2019-02-28T15:33:39Z the 'Ball Park' Grilled Cheese Sandwich, with Pasilla Peppers, American Cheese. Served with Heinz Ketchup, Yellow Mustard, and Pickle Relish

using the pasilla peppers garish, buttered home pride white bread with american cheese, and a slew of ketchup, mustard, and relish. nom.

. . .

and slightly later. . . more pasilla is served up with breakfast sausage. nomm.

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1379600 2019-02-28T12:21:18Z 2019-02-28T12:21:18Z Pressure Cooker :: Garnish of Pasilla Pepper, Sautéed with Onion, Cracked Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Ginger, Turmeric, and 'Better than Bouillon' Veggie Base

These Pasillas were my favorite part of the last Brussel Sprouts dish, so I decided to cook up the rest and use them likely in a grilled cheese sandwich, or later this morning with breakfast sausage.

sliced pasilla peppers added to sauté of olive oil + onion (flakes are OK.)   add fresh cracked black pepper, sea salt, ginger powder and turmeric.  grill that up a bit, and add about 1 cup of boiling water t 1 tbsp bouillon; throw that in the mix and hit High Pressure (steam) 10min, NPR 5min.  save and enjoy.


tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1378932 2019-02-26T20:30:17Z 2019-02-27T01:03:15Z Pressure Cooker :: Quick Brussel Sprouts with Pasilla Peppers, Cracked Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Ginger, Turmeric, and Veggie Base 'Better than Bouillon'

saute on high, olive oil and onion, fresh or flaked.  add (1 lb.) brussels and pasilla peppers, with cracked black pepper + sea salt, ginger and turmeric.  

when satisfied with the saute, add the veggie base 'better than bouillon' dissolved in about 3/4 cup of water.

3min HP QPR; and serve.
tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1378119 2019-02-25T02:44:08Z 2019-03-03T09:45:03Z Pressure Cooker :: Steel Cut Oats + Chia Seeds, Cubed Apple, Butter, Cinnamon, and Sugar

These cook so fast, I just make a serving or two at a time., about 1/4 cup each of (bulk) Steel Cut Oats and 1/4 cup Chia Seeds.  Cube an Apple, add a double-pat of Butter, Cinnamon, and a dash of Sugar (or salt in post).

"Steam" button the Instant Pot; 10min HP NPR

. . .

revised with powdered ginger, almost all milk, splash of water;  IP didn't pressurize fully, but.. yum.

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1375387 2019-02-18T00:15:57Z 2019-02-18T00:15:58Z Lamb Merguez with Capers, Mayonaise, and Mustard, on a Seeded Bun, with Cucumber Water and Funyuns

My local butcher makes a mean lamb merguez :: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merguez :: and I had a spare hamburger bun, so . . .

into the muffin form and pan fried


toasted bun with mayo, mustard, and capers

side drink of cucumber water, steeped 4hrs

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1346869 2018-11-23T20:13:09Z 2018-11-23T20:13:09Z brekkie photoblog :: the English + American {cheese} with Thyme and yoggurt and snacks

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1346231 2018-11-21T20:52:48Z 2018-11-21T20:52:49Z Zen :: cajun fusion pork tenderloin with asparagus, serano peppers, fresh thyme leaves and sourdough garlic + thyme and some lemon

your morning Zën :: starts with cajun fusion pork tenderloin

broiled in a drizzle of olive oil, with asparagus, serano peppers, fresh thyme leaves

with olive-oil drizzled sourdough + granulated garlic, and pinched dry thyme 

and a lemon slice.

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1343990 2018-11-14T22:47:27Z 2018-11-14T22:47:28Z random reusable :: a two(2) day affaire with food re: feed the world {Band Aid}

{day 1}

{day 2}

{elixer n.}

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1342308 2018-11-09T23:41:17Z 2018-11-09T23:41:18Z quick :: Annie's MaC+CheeSe with oregano + serano peppers in meat-sauce :: with 'steam-pac' veggies carrots broccoli water chesnuts

mac boiled with salt + olive oil :: strained + stirred in butter :: once melted :: cheese packet + a splash of whole milk :: scooped over a bowl of ragu meat-sauce and topped with sliced serano pepper :: microwaved 60 seconds ::

:: the prep ::

start the pasta :: when it hits boil :: microwave the 'steam-pac' 5min :: build your workspace :: be your chef :: choose your portioning :: taste as snack on the way to building your palət :: appetite ::

serve yourself like a restaurateur :: the eyes :: nose :: taste :: bon appétit :: eat la francé:: cℨw ::::

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1336683 2018-10-27T22:59:13Z 2018-10-27T22:59:14Z on-hand smorgasbord :: tillamook smoked cheddar, salted and peppered and wrapped in ham + corn niblets and wasa bread

tillamook cheddar, salted and peppered, wrapped in thinly sliced ham.  with a side of salted and buttered corn nilblets + wasa bread.

with a side of mac&cheese + cayenne + cracked black pepper.

the second helping has more cracked pepper and more cayenne. . . and wasa.

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1324627 2018-09-23T02:44:46Z 2018-09-23T02:51:24Z Veggie Smorgasbord :: Laughing Cow Cheese with Wasa Rye Crackers, Red Bell Pepper, Romaine Lettuce with Bleu Cheese, Parmesan, Cheesy Garlic Croutons, and a sprinkle of Cayenne, along with Blueberries, and a Sparkling Orange Ginger Beverage

Veggie Smorgasbord :: Laughing Cow Cheese with Wasa Rye Crackers, Red Bell Pepper, Romaine Lettuce with Bleu Cheese, Parmesan, Cheesy Garlic Croutons, and a sprinkle of Cayenne, along with Blueberries, and a Sparkling Orange Ginger Beverage


for guests, plated, and a partitioned lazy susan, as in [sarandon], with additional bells, blueberries, romaine, and croutons.

nobody likes extra rye.. but hey.. there's no ryte way.


tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1323158 2018-09-19T09:38:14Z 2018-09-19T09:38:15Z Microwave ZITI Pasta, with Dill and Powdered Ranch Dressing, Olive Oil, Salted + a Revival of Stale Sourdough Baguette

It starts with an electric kettle. . .

ziti loaded into a microwave-safe container, wth iodized salt, and olive oil + dill + ranch dressing powder <next slide>

just enough water to cover the pasta, 8min microwave HIGH.

meanwhile some chocolate bark thins with sea salt... these are bomb.

all the while, prepping.. I cut this crusty piece of sourdough, lengthwise and toasted it... oh it has butter and a delightful amount of granulated garlic.

drain your pasta with sieve, do not wash.. the dill and olive oil should stick to the pasta.

toss with additional ranch dressing, and top with a sprinkle or two.

--share and enjoy --c3w 

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1323092 2018-09-19T02:13:32Z 2018-09-19T02:13:32Z Quick and Fast :: Microwaved :: Tomato/Minestrone Thyme Soup, with a Corn Dog, Bread&Butter Pickle Chips, and a dollop of Ketchup, Yellow Mustard, and Sriracha

tomato soup + some of the solids from a can of minestronethyme, microwaved.

frozen corn dog, microwaved, sided with a dipping sauce of ketchup + mustard + sriracha.  and bread&butter pickle chips

i find, as i prep and begin the understand the meal i want, i make things hotter than i would eat - due to the prep work - and yes, i had to re-nuke the dog for 10 seconds :P 

oh.. and the minestrone was stored as 'mostly liquid' and 'mostly solid' .. which just happened to be how gravity works, but it gave me pleasure, knowing how to future re-provision :)


tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1322794 2018-09-18T00:35:36Z 2018-09-18T00:37:29Z English Breakfast :: Heated Sliced Apricots, Red Currant Jelly, and a pat of Butter, Red Pepper Seeds, on a one-sided Toasted Slice of Wheat Bread

sliced turkish apricots, with a dab of local honey (mine was berkeley), microwaved ten(10) seconds

as you single-side (bagel setting) your bread, and spoon over some red current jelly, adding a pat of butter and red pepper seeds.

fold and.. share and enjoy 


tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1322743 2018-09-17T23:03:19Z 2018-09-17T23:50:07Z Pressure Cooker :: Cajun Fusion Pork Tenderloin, with Creole, Kosher Salt, Olive Juice, Olive Oil, and Cracked Black Pepper, and Apricot Teriyaki Dipping Sauce, Plus Side Salad

Pressure Cooker :: Cajun Fusion Pork Tenderloin, with Creole, Kosher Salt, Olive Juice, Olive Oil, and Cracked Black Pepper, and Apricot Teriyaki Dipping Sauce, Plus Side Salad

it starts with, a tenderloin.

salted with kosher salt, and peppered with creole seasoning.

turned slightly on its side, seasoned top to bottom.

drizzled with olive oil, and a crackling of cracked black pepper

12min HP NPR

while that happens... ponder your dad's thoughts on cooking :: <paraphrased>

"the spices on top will combine with the fats as they're released from the meat.  the oil will help bring those fats out - oh.. and handle the meat like a butcher, but with love.  pat it, arrange it, DROP it into the pot -"

"the more perfect your motions, the less you have to touch, and this will produce efficiency, as well as bring joy to your cooking"

then, I clean off the full pan with a scraper and brush and throw it in the pre-heating broiler.. while the NPR is happening --

broil 3min, then drizzle with olive oil, and let rest 10 minutes 

cut into medallion slices with a serrated blade, plate - while you tear off some romaine (yes, I know it'll bruise), with chunky bleu cheese and cheesy croutons

sided with a dipping apricot teriyaki dipping sauce.

OH.. and a chef's 2nd helping -- this time with shredded cheddar... and YES.. bleu cheese does /go/ with a dab of teriyaki.  I tested it.

and yes.. the current state of my kitchen, is. . .

nom. -- nomura rango ko


tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1320891 2018-09-12T00:52:24Z 2018-09-12T00:52:25Z Elixer :: #ShockTreatment :: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Milk Thistle, Powdered Ginger, in a Shot Glass

shoot this down, try to hold your breath.  after feel free to cough, spit, and breathe.

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1318042 2018-09-03T20:45:35Z 2018-09-03T20:47:22Z Afternoon Microwave Snack :: Avocado +salt +sriracha, Corn Niblets +salt + butter, and a Quesadilla with American Cheese + JilliPepper

halved an avocado, salted, and dabbed sriracha, while microwaving frozen corn niblets, with a splash of water and covered with a wet paper towel... about 80 seconds, then salted and buttered.

then.. a 1/2 a flour tortilla with an american slice + jillipepper, about 15 seconds.

topped with fresh cracked black pepper.

share and enjoy --c3w 

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1317380 2018-09-01T19:38:20Z 2018-09-01T19:38:20Z Microwave Popcorn :: in a Bag, with Canola Oil, and JilliPepper. Finished with Butter, White Cheddar Powder, and Salt

start with. . . a brown paper lunch bag.. dry kernels, and just enough canola oil to be able to touch the corn

add in . . . jillipepper .. my favorite all-purpose spice

hit the popcorn button.  mine is 2m20s, which worked out well

shake the bag.  add in small bits of butter.  shake it again. add a little white cheddar powder, then shake some more.. and then add a bunch more white cheddar powder, and shake shake shake.

serve it into bowl(s) and dash a bit of iodized salt on the top ..  

then share and enjoy -- and yes, I prepared, photog'd, and consumed the popcorn, in the same time as finishing this blog post :P

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1317373 2018-09-01T19:08:35Z 2018-09-01T19:08:36Z Microwaved Frozen Pork Bun, with Apricot Sesame Teriyaki Sauce and Crushed Red Pepper

still one of my favorite snacks -- the steamed pork bun

frozen, microwaved 60 seconds, with a wet paper towel

topped with an apricot sesame teriyaki glaze + crushed red pepper flakes

and yes.. I blogged this while I ate it.. and now... both are done.


tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1317162 2018-09-01T02:14:41Z 2018-09-01T02:14:41Z Microwave ReHeat :: Seasoned Canned Chicken, with added Ranch, Parmesan, American Cheese, and Sriracha, in a Wheat Tortilla with Frills

leftovers from the fridge. . . canned chicken with  [ mayo, onion flakes, and jillipepper ]

enter, organic wheat tortilla . . . with added american cheese, ranch, parmesan, and sriracha, plus dried onion rings

now, on the way to the microwave, you might pick up some lettuce, pepper, or tomato from the counter.. and.. you might snomp a coupla cookies

and when the microwave dings 30s, you may be impatient to wait for it to cool, so it can be plated -- so freezer 1min.  eat more cookies.

add a side of ranch with cracked black pepper and top the diagonally sliced tortilla with jillipepper.. and... share some of those cookies.

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1316881 2018-08-31T11:59:54Z 2018-08-31T11:59:54Z Microwave ReHeat :: Ziti Pasta with American Cheese, Butter, Milk Jilli Pepper, topped with :: Cubed Tomato, and Cracked Black Pepper

microwave prep with cooked Ziti from the fridge, with torn up american cheese, a pat of butter, a splash of milk, and jillipepper

about 20-30sec -- I had added too much milk.. sooooo... I added another slice of cheese, and.. yep. that works.

found this leftover part of a tomato, so, after stirring up the pasta, sided the bowl with this

topped with cracked black pepper, and a bit of iodized salt - and -


tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1316796 2018-08-31T02:03:58Z 2018-08-31T05:06:16Z Elixer :: 'Knock your Socks Off' :: Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric, Ground Ginger, Grenadine

do not stir. feel free to spit.  you'll feel better in 3 minutes

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1316674 2018-08-30T19:45:56Z 2018-08-30T19:46:34Z Timing is Everything :: a bachelors guide to your personal eatery

Your gut, is a brain.  its a slow, but VERY ACCURATE brain.  It needs time to think, and it needs you to feed it.

It all starts with an idea.. what should I shop for?

You may, often, find, that impulse buy.. a new fruit.. a juice, or a long-time memory favorite.. WILL BE, the very thing you scoff down, as soon as delivery arrives.

Here, we begin with a food experiment.  It starts.. with a Yogurt.

That gives us time to put the quiche, in the oven for 24 minutes, and perhaps.. have some fruit

and.. after a time, perhaps a dry cracker

now while, you're processing that, and perhaps doing a bit of work, you may wander into the kitchen several minutes before its done.  the KEY to remember, is HOW LONG.. and did you wander in because you were hungry[?], or just nervous that the electrics had gone out.

you may find a bit of leftover tomato, on the counter, that you can salt and nibble

so.. the quiche has ding'd, and its setting up, to cool

you may start cleaning your tools and utensils, and pour yourself a glass of milk, to optimize the time, and time dispensed layout of your eatery :)

now, I plan on having an apple turnover, so I leveraged the already hot oven, and bumped it to 475

and after 1/2 my quiche, I was full and packaged it up.. also aborted the turnover idea, shut down the oven, and . . . got myself a drpepper

its good to wait until your hungry, when you know you can always eat along the way. . . and in just the time it took, to write this post

the end.

(and perhaps, a nap ;)


tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1316599 2018-08-30T15:27:11Z 2018-08-30T15:27:11Z Pressure Cooker :: Spicy Ziti Pasta in Meat Sauce + Tomato, Jalapeno, and Parmasan

dry ziti pasta w/ sliced red hot pepper in water, 5min HP QPR

drain, rinse to stop the cooking

sauté jar'd meat sauce, with cubed tomato, additional hot pepper + parmesan

serve at eat.. pair'd with apple sauce

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1316459 2018-08-30T00:00:38Z 2018-08-30T00:00:38Z Pan Seared, Oven Roasted, Pan Finished German Sausage

so. . . this german sausage has, an intestiny.. that's like a gut-feel for destiny.  yes. I'm going to eat it.

I quickly seared it, high temp., in a pan - then.. threw it in the oven! 375F for about 30 minutes.

now... at this point, you should temp it with a meter.. but my manual meter seems broken.. and the batteries are out on the other one .. so..

I decided to finish it on the stovetop, at med-high heat, turning the underside, up, to even out the browning, while also scraping and deglazing the quarter pan with a bit of water, dripped over every so often, to keep your sausage moist.

when it smells about right.. should only be like 3-5min left.. leave in-pan, if you have a gas stove.. and let it rest 5minutes.

cut into it, with confidence, that you are about to enjoy some quality protein -- plate and serve.. with a cold beer... or a jug of wine.

das Ende.

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1316389 2018-08-29T18:55:51Z 2018-08-29T18:55:51Z Leftovers :: Sorry-Assed-Looking Mac&Cheese REVIVED to GREATNESS

last night's refrigerated mac&cheese looked pretty grim.  luckily my dad taught me to stir, then add milk, salt, and fat (butter) to revive it.. about 60seconds in the microwave - topped with jillipepper. nom.

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1316187 2018-08-29T03:29:53Z 2018-08-29T03:29:54Z Pressure Cooker :: (experiment) Annie's Pasta with Muddled Pear and Franks Red Hot Sauce, All Cooked Together

muddled pear fruit and frank's red hot sauce

added annie's dry pasta, cheese packet, water, milk, pat of butter, and the muddled pear + frank's red hot sauce


. . .

it looked horrible, but my dad once taught me how to un-curdle milk -- stir+heat.  I also added some additional butter, olive oil, and salt, which may have helped.  

so.. after a HIGH sauté, and some resting.. it's ready to eat ::

tag:foodproofer.com,2013:Post/1315828 2018-08-28T03:40:25Z 2018-08-28T03:40:55Z Pressure Cooker :: Eggplant Stew with Red Kidney Beans, Tomato, Red Hot Pepper, Capers, in a Tomato Soup with Red Wine Vinegar
cubed eggplant, thrown in, sauté HIGH on the InstantPot
add red beans, canned, your preference - I happen to have red kidney beans

while this is going on, toss some olive oil in..
slice up a hot red pepper, cube a tomato, add some capers, red wine vinegar, pat of butter

lower the sauté temp as your prep is done, or things start to sizzle too unfriendly.
add some more olive oil and stir

at this point, I added some from a boxed tomato/red pepper soup — enough to cover the materials, and then some, to suit your stew-y tastes.  experiment

35min HP NPR

I actually fell asleep during the NPR, for 1.5hrs - so it was on WARM.. not sure if this matters, but.. added some parmesan, and . . ITS DELICIOUS