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Quick and Fast :: Microwaved :: Tomato/Minestrone Thyme Soup, with a Corn Dog, Bread&Butter Pickle Chips, and a dollop of Ketchup, Yellow Mustard, and Sriracha

tomato soup + some of the solids from a can of minestronethyme, microwaved.

frozen corn dog, microwaved, sided with a dipping sauce of ketchup + mustard + sriracha.  and bread&butter pickle chips

i find, as i prep and begin the understand the meal i want, i make things hotter than i would eat - due to the prep work - and yes, i had to re-nuke the dog for 10 seconds :P 

oh.. and the minestrone was stored as 'mostly liquid' and 'mostly solid' .. which just happened to be how gravity works, but it gave me pleasure, knowing how to future re-provision :)